Parents' Guide

Communications/Social MEDIA

  • Our website:

  • Our Facebook page:

  • Follow us on Instagram: @PleasantvilleXCTF

  • Starting in Fall 2021, SportsYou will be our main communication platform for parents and athletes. Download the app and check with coaches for a passcode to join.

registration/Family ID

  • All athletes must be registered on Family ID in order to participate.

  • Registration links are sent out by the district and coach prior to the start of each season.

  • An updated physical is required to participate.

concussion baseline testing

  • Students entering 9th and 11th grades as well as new students must take the concussion baseline test, available here.

transportation release

  • Does your child plan to ride home from practice or a meet with another family? You will need a completed Seasonal Transportation Release, available here.

practice schedule

  • Meeting spot will be the PHS track Monday-Friday at 3:30 p.m. unless otherwise notified.

  • Practice is not canceled unless there is a communication sent from one of the coaches in the SportsYou app.

  • Workouts are posted to Google calendar and accessible on

  • Team members are to be suited up for practice and at the designated meeting spot on time.

  • Tardiness is disruptive to the entire team’s training. Team members who are tardy must have a note from the teacher who detained them.

Meet schedule

  • A final schedule will be posted at the start of the season.

  • The season is a combination of league competitions during the school week and “invitational” events on Saturdays or Sundays.

  • The coaches will determine who will represent PHS in competition. This will be a reflection who performs best from meet to meet, and may change over time.

  • Bus transportation from PHS to and from meets is provided for almost all meets.

  • Camaraderie and team motivation are the hallmarks of a successful program. For that reason, we ask that all runners travel to and from the meet on the team bus whenever possible.


Approved absences include:

  • Sickness

  • Special exams, tests, or overlapping seasons

  • Emergency appointments (doctor, dentist, court appearance)

  • Funeral

  • Unusual situations which will be given consideration by coaches if they are made aware of the situation prior to the season (emphasis added, "day of" does not count)

Unapproved absences include:

  • Failure to inform coaches in advance of an absence, regardless of the reason

  • "I'm tired."

  • Social functions (birthdays, visiting relatives etc...)

  • "I have too much homework."

  • Three (3) unexcused absences from practices/meets will result in dismissal from the team.

Club Sports/Conflicting Non-School Activities

  • "While the coaches, administration, and faculty do recognize that each student should have the opportunity for a broad range of experiences, it is recommended that student-athletes do not participate, practice, or play with an outside team, program, or work during the high school season.

  • Missing practice and/or meets for such activities will constitute an unexcused absence.

equipment: shoes/clothing/water

  • Professionally fitted running shoes help to avoid injury. We recommend Croton Running Company in Croton-on-Hudson or Westchester Road Runner in White Plains. Track and cross country spikes are also recommended. 1/4" pyramid spikes only. Special jumping and throwing shoes are also recommended for elite athletes.

  • Athletes must be dressed appropriately for practice. This includes thermal clothing in cold weather.

  • The stores listed above sometimes offer 10% off (and sometimes as high as 20%) if you mention you run for PHS.

  • All athletes should bring a water bottle to practice.

  • A watch is a must for a runner to time repeats and rest periods. At a bare minimum, a watch with a stopwatch and lap function will do.

  • Boys watch with lap function: Timex Ironman

  • Girls watch with lap function: Timex Ironman

  • Distance runners: A team favorite: Garmin 235 (adds heart rate and many other features)

booster fund

  • Coordinating an activity of this scope often requires the expenditure of funds for equipment (e.g. foam rollers, mini bands, spikes), food (e.g. snacks, Gatorade) and gear/swag (e.g. t-shirts, medals, year-end awards) not funded by PHS.

  • Each season (with the assistance of parents) we attempt to fundraise to cover these costs.

  • When there is a shortfall, we respectfully request a direction donation from parents to defray these costs.

  • These funds are deposited in a track-specific account managed by the Athletic Department.

  • Checks should be made out to Pleasantville Cross Country (Fall) or Pleasantville Track (Winter, Spring). No cash, please.

volunteer opportunities/FUNDRAISING

  • There will be many opportunities for parent involvement before and during the season.

  • The Booster Fund will be supplemented by fundraising activities conducted by the team. Examples include: The Chocolate Milk Mile, car washes, track and field clinics, etc... .

  • We will use to organize volunteer activities for the season.