30-50 Throws divided between:

  1. Punch Out

  2. Half-Stand Throw

  3. Stand Throw (same as #2, but wrap arm)

  4. Moving Stand Throw

  5. Half Turn

  6. Walking Half Turn

  7. Step Out (1 Step Out of ring into walking half turn)

  8. Full Turn

Punch Out

Half Stand Throw

Stand Throw

Moving Stand Throw

Half Turn

Walking Half Turn

Step Out

Full Turn

Boys Discus: 1.6kg

Girls Discus: 1kg

How to Spin

Discus Throw for Beginners

Introduction to Discus

Throwing the Perfect Discus

The Power Position

The Power Position #2

Starting the Full Throw

The Full Throw


Footwork and Sequencing

Strength Training

Common Errors