1973: Girls Cross Country


In the year following the passage of Title IX, Pleasantville's very first Girls Cross Country Team formed.  According to Coach Bob Geddes, Pleasantville ran in the historic first Girls Cross Country race in the State of New York, held at Byram Hills High School.

Pictured above Left to Right: 

Coach Bob Geddes, Leigh Urso, Marcia Brisson, Alice Egler, Sue Ward, Tracey Nolan,  Barbara Cymbrowski

"I played field hockey in the fall but the rest of the 4 needed a 5th to make a team. P'vill came in 1-2. I was the second. Marcia is next to me then Alice Egler who won the whole event (great runner)...The event was the first ever NYS Girls Cross Country Meet held at Byram Hills. Prior to that historic event, the girls had to run with the boys....It was that year-- I went with a bunch of other girls to Albany to fight for Title IX - "not same but equal opportunity". It was coach Geddes that persuaded my parents to buy me my first track shoes - blue suede Pumas!! Miss those days!"  - Leigh Urso Fiorito